Our Mission

Psycho-social wellness and Positive Body Image of Sub-Saharan Africans with Visible Differences and Appearance Alterations through Social Impact Entertainment, Creative Media and Social Support.
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OUTERSAC Creative Media

Our Social Impact Entertainment (SIE) mainstream and sreaming entertainment forms, predominantly films and TV, others; books, arts… for mass Entertainment value and deeper social messages – huge social impact.

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My Diverse Beauty

An entertaining show and more that builds Body Confidence, positive body image and body neutrality of individuals living with Visible disfigurement and appearance alterations.

Our Team

Ogo Maduewesi

Founder, CEO
Ogo Maduewesi, a Vitiligo patient leader, founder/CEO Vitiligo Support and Awareness Foundation – VITSAF, the first Vitiligo patient-driven organisation in Sub-Saharan Africa. An Ashoka fellow, Commonwealth Professional Fellow. Founding Board member, International Alliance of Dermatology Patient Organisation IADPO.

Izu Ojukwu

Partner, OUTERSAC Productions
Izu Ojukwu is a respected, multiple award-winning top Nigerian filmmaker and film director. A very detailed filmmaker; he is meticulous, prudent and world class. He is the CEO, House of Illusions Studio, Lagos

Social Initiatives

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