Our Mission

The psycho-social health of Sub-Saharan Africans Living with Visible differences, Disfiguring appearances and Body Image Issues through creative Media technology, arts and enterprise.
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Media and TV Productions

Creative Media technology, arts and enterprise to educate and enlighten all, Patient empowerment and Psycho-social well-being effectively with less resources.

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Our aim is to use this study results/knowledge and understanding to help develop appropriate interventions, self-help, coping skills, policy changes and to improve quality of life, getting to live the life they want on their own terms.

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Skin and Appearance Resource Center

A multi-media library, skin camouflage centre (Product and services), helpful products, a centre for research… The centre will also house and host our active Support group programs and public events.

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Public Events

Workshops, Trainings, Health Advocacy, Patient Empowerment, Train health professionals, SKin Camouflage practitioners, Psychosocial training, Inspire and build Body Confidence and Positive Body Image…

Psycho-social Challenges and Needs Study

Our Goals and Objectives

Outer Shell Africa
Creative Media Tech for unconditional Body Confidence and empowerment.

Our Goal
**Patient Empowerment. **Positive Self Image. **Support and improve the lives of children with these conditions. **Overcome and conquer bullying. ** Public enlightenment.
Our Objectives
**Active patient support and care. **Education, Awareness and Absolute Support for our beneficiaries in Sub-Saharan *to live the life they want mentally, socially and physically.. *to raise greater empathy in the wider community while improving socioeconomic lives and rousing the attention of the health community. **To support and get involved in Psycho-social (Person-centric) Research and open to all Research. **To inspire and instigate behavioural change and positive attitude of the public towards individuals who look different in appearance.

  • Building Body Confidence & Positive Body Image, Patient empowerment, enlightenment and embracing Diversity and inclusion Creatively and Entertainingly.

  • Skin and Appearance Resource Center – multi-media library. Helpful products. Well-being services. Skin Camouflage Products and Services.

  • Individual conditions Patient Support Groups. Active weekly and monthly support groups. Share and Heal.

  • Our innovative workshops specially designed to inspire and build self-love, body confidence and psycho-social healing

Our Team

Ogo Maduewesi

Founder, CEO
Ogo Maduewesi, an Ashoka fellow, a Vitiligo patient leader, is the founder/CEO and a pioneer of Vitiligo Support and Awareness Foundation – VITSAF, the first Vitiligo patient-driven organisation in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Izu Ojukwu

Partner (Film & TV Productions)
Izu Ojukwu is a respected, multiple award-winning top Nigerian filmmaker and film director. A very detailed filmmaker; he is meticulous, prudent and world class. He has got over 15 top rated films to his credit.

Christine Janus

Advisory Board
Christine Janus BA. B.Ed, MBA, FICB is responsible for the building of an International Conference for Dermatology Patient Organization leaders (IDPOC.org) and establishing an International Alliance for Dermatology Patient Organizations.

Dr. Andrew Thompson

Advisory Board
Andrew Thompson is Reader in Clinical Psychology working in the Department of Psychology on the NHS Clinical Psychology Doctoral Training Programme. He is registered as both a Clinical and Health Psychologist and practices in the NHS in South Yorkshire.

Skin and Appearance Social Lab

Outer Shell Africa works with creative minds to dialogue and agree on tools that best inspires Body Confidence and Positive-Self-image of all distressed with body image issues and seeks help.

Social Care

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We wish to work with you! We are building our team, and looking for volunteers passionate about creative media technology and digital storytellers enthusiastic and emphatic about our focus area.

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