Social wellness and Social inclusion for Sub-Saharan Africans living with Skin conditions and Visible differences through Digital Storytelling, Productions and Innovative Creative Tools.
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Patient Support Groups

Through our activities inspire and establish active patient support groups to connect physically and technologically for self renewal, individual support, social inclusion, and deep community connection.

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Walk for Skin Health (WASH)

WASH is awareness and enlightenment campaigns of Skin conditions, appearance related concerns and their link to general health.

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Share Your Story

As we work, our main goal is to understand the problem space from the point of view of the patients and the affected. Stories we share help inspire new thinking and possibilities.

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Creative Lab

Our creative digital storytelling, productions and engaging App will get public’s attention, foster understanding, change beliefs, influence decisions positively and build trust between patients and their Dermatologists.

StoryBank - Me and My Shell

Outer Shell Africa
Quest for making a big positive difference.

Outer Shell Africa – OUTER SHELL is an independent, patient-centered dynamic social change lab. A social enterprise where creative minds meet to address systemic challenges and psycho-social needs of people with Skin conditions and Appearance related concernss.

Outer Shell is on the quest for inventive sustainable models that are patient-centered and moves from the focus ‘skin care’, ‘cosmetic’ and ‘beauty’ to a broader focus on “Social Wellness.”

  • Inventive way to serve

  • Green Self-confidence & Positive self-image

  • Patient centered model

  • Broader Focus on Social Wellness

Our Team

Ogo Maduewesi

Founder, CEO
Ogo Maduewesi, an Ashoka fellow, a Vitiligo patient leader, is the founder/CEO and a pioneer of Vitiligo Support and Awareness Foundation – VITSAF, the first Vitiligo patient-driven organisation in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Izu Ojukwu

Partner (Film & TV Productions)
Izu Ojukwu is a respected, multiple award-winning top Nigerian filmmaker and film director. A very detailed filmmaker; he is meticulous, prudent and world class. He has got over 15 top rated films to his credit.

Christine Janus

Advisory Board
Christine Janus BA. B.Ed, MBA, FICB is responsible for the building of an International Conference for Dermatology Patient Organization leaders (IDPOC.org) and establishing an International Alliance for Dermatology Patient Organizations.

Dr. Andrew Thompson

Advisory Board
Andrew Thompson is Reader in Clinical Psychology working in the Department of Psychology on the NHS Clinical Psychology Doctoral Training Programme. He is registered as both a Clinical and Health Psychologist and practices in the NHS in South Yorkshire.

Social Lab

Outer Shell Africa works towards an environment where creative minds, the appearance challenged, skin patients, primary stakeholders, advocates, interns and volunteers will interact with innovative new ideas and technologies for better solutions.

Social Change

We wish to work with you! We are building our team, and looking for creative young minds enthusiastic about what we do.

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