May 17, 2018

Mission, Vision & Goals


Outer Shell Africa Communications OUTERSAC, a Physical Appearance Positivity Hub’s primary goal is Psychosocial Wellness (Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Social) of primarily Africans with Visible Disfigurement/Differences including chronic Skin conditions and Body Image Issues through the power of Social Impact Entertainment SIE and Arts.

At our Physical Appearance Positivity Hub, we fully understand how difficult and debilitating it can be to live with disfigurement and body image issues in our present society where the mainstream media continually continue to create unrealistic beauty standards, ‘flawless skin/appearance’ and woman’s low self-esteem through marketers and adverts.

We are using the same mainstream media used to create unrealistic beauty standards, ‘perfect’ flawless body and woman’s low self-esteem to counter, inspire, motivate positive ingenuity to build back positive body image, self-love and self-esteem through Social Impact Entertainment (SIE), Enterprising Impact Productions and Creative Discussions.

Our Mission

Psycho-social Wellness and Body Positivity of primarily Africans with Visible Differences/Disfigurements and Body Image Issues through Social Impact Entertainment and Arts…

Our Goals

  • Psychosocial health of primarily Africans with Visible differences/disfigurement and body image issues.

  • Body Positivity and Body Confidence for all to lead the life they want.

  • Stimulate the beauty of Diversity in Appearance and Skin color.

Our Vision

A continent where individuals with Visible Differences/Disfigurements are Valued, Respected, and Included.