May 17, 2018

Mission, Goals & Objectives


Outer Shell Africa Communications, a Skin and Appearance Social Lab is focused and passionate building Psychosocial Wellness – Physical, Mental, Emotional and Social Health of Sub-Saharan Africans with Visible Disfigurement/Differences including chronic Skin conditions, Scars, Burns, Birth-related disfigurements including birthmark and Body Image Issues through the power of Social Impact Entertainment SIE.

At our skin and appearance Social Lab, we fully understand how difficult and debilitating it can be to live with disfigurement and body image issues in our present society where the mainstream media continually continue to create unrealistic beauty standards, ‘flawless skin/appearance’ and woman’s low self-esteem through marketers and adverts.

In Africa, like every other community in the world, people living with these conditions face stigma, shame, discrimination, isolation, exclusion and in addition, the huge mental mess the media continue to create about appearance; however, prejudice, traditional/cultural beliefs, zero education and zero awareness, shortage of Dermatologists and other health care providers, unaffordability of the available services intensifies these challenges in Africa.

We are using the same mainstream media used to create unrealistic beauty standards, ‘perfect’ flawless body and woman’s low self-esteem to counter, inspire, motivate positive ingenuity to build back positive body image, self-love and self-acceptance through Social Impact Entertainment (SIE), Enterprising Impact Productions and Creative Discussions.

Our Mission

To tell our stories through the creative power of entertainment and arts to enthusiastically support, naturally inspire and empower Sub-Saharan Africans, including children living with Disfigurement and Body Image Issues to naturally lead the life they genuinely want.

Our Goals

  • Psychosocial health and wellbeing of all all Sub-Saharan Africans living with Visible differences/disfigurement and body image issues.

  • Body Confident and Positive body confident for all to lead and live the life they want.

  • Stimulate the beauty of Diversity in Appearance and Skin colour.

  • Raise the neglected and underestimated challenges.

Our Objectives

  • To offer freely Active patient support and care.

  • Patient empowerment to take an informed decision about their conditions.

  • To inspire Self-awareness and Public Enlightenment

  • To raise greater empathy in the wider community while improving their psychosocial and socioeconomic situations while rousing the attention of the health community.

  • To Inspire Healthy & Positive Behaviors towards individuals who look different in appearance.

Our Vision

A continent where individuals with Visible Differences & Disfigurement are Valued, Respected and Included.

When we are empowered, we:

  • Understand our health condition and its effect on our body.
  • Feel able to participate in decision-making with our healthcare professionals
  • Feel able to make informed choices about treatment.
  • Understand the need to make the necessary changes to our lifestyle for managing our condition.
  • Are able to challenge and ask questions of the healthcare professionals providing our care.
  • Take responsibility for our health and actively seek care only when necessary
  • Actively seek out, evaluate and make use of information.

Agrees totally with European Network on Patient Empowerment (ENOPE)