September 6, 2016

Positive Self-image Interventions

Postive self-image interventions


Twice every year (May and November), Outer Shell Africa collaborates with Vogo Designs, a socially responsible clothing and accessories line that helps build the self-confidence of those living with Skin conditions and visible differences to host highly interactive and inclusive ‘Positive Self-image Interventions‘ event targeting all individuals living with skin condition and visible differences including the public who got self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence issues impacting negatively on their social life and career.



Challenges we understand very well;

  • That the reflection of what many with skin conditions and visible differences will have picked up in different social and business environments is that people remember them for their visible differences above everyother.
  • It is hard for you to feel your normal self and perform effectively when you are constantly conscious and discouraged about your body appearance challenges.
  • How socially conscious and withdrawn most of us with visible differences are.

Positive self-image Interventions is genuine Self-Confidence innovative workshops with informal presentations of real life stories/experiences of conquerors.

Vogo designsThis  Initiative strives to:

i. Empower to conquer social exclusion, combat poverty and improve Quality of Life QoL.

ii. Build and empower those who are interested in modeling and related careers. A confident man and a man who loves himself is a successful man in all areas of life.

iii. inspire self-love and self-acceptance for the genuine self-confidence of all affected.

We are hoping and working on taking this initiative around Africa and beyond (with Africans living in the diaspora with skin conditions and visible differences).

Please keep a date with us as we continue to work, nurture and build, one step at a time.

First official ‘Positive Self-image Intervention’ is 16th November 2017 .