December 6, 2018

Creative Media Technology

wfsh ad top 2Our Creative, Social Impact Entertainment (SIE), Enterprising Impact Productions and Creative Discussions to support, inspire, encourage, empower, and ultimately achieve psychosocial wellbeing, build Body confidence and Positive body image.

Television, mainstream media and social media are the main outlets through which marketers and advertisers exploit human beings and particularly a woman’s low self-esteem and unrealistic beauty standards.  Also, shows, music, movies, and books also play a huge part. It becomes more challenging when there is disfigurement and or other conditions affecting appearance negatively.

We are using the same Television, mainstream media and social media outlets for inspiration, motivation and ingenuity, through impact productions such as movies, dramas, talks, tv productions, music, books etc… to build back and inspire positive body image, green body confidence, self-love and many more in human beings particularly women who are pathetically affected more.

  • Impact Productions
  • The Huta Digital Talk show with a Virtual seand 5mins drama introducing each episode. 
  • And more…

Our physical health and our emotional well-being are closely linked. It’s no surprise that the potential difficulties of living with skin conditions, disfigurement and body image issues can take a toll on your state of mind. What is less understood is that stress, anxiety and emotional distress can manifest themselves on the skin, and can aggravate an existing condition.


Please keep faith with us and watch out for updates on our productions soon