April 2, 2019

Creative Writing

Creative writing

Children’s Book

The Title ‘Difference is Beautiful‘


‘Difference is Beautiful’ campaign was inspired and created to educate, socially empower, celebrate Sub-Saharan African children living with skin conditions and visible differences. It began as a Facebook conversation with someone who reached out to me about a lonely child with a severe skin condition that makes other children run from her, bully and would not play with her. Her name is Funmilayo, her mother left because she couldn’t stand the shame that comes with the embarrassing skin condition, schools would not accept her too, according to the girl’s father who takes the girl to the streets of Lagos to ask for alms for their feeding and shelter… My concern about her welfare and that of other children with skin conditions and disfigurement grew into an initiative under Outer Shell Africa called Ọdịmma-Ụmụaka‘ (Children’s welfare)

We are working towards programs that will unfold following this book’s publication to teach and socially empower kids, children and teens about Diversity in Appearance, skin conditions, visible differences, empathy, self-love and having faith in oneself. The ‘Difference is Beautiful Campaign will travel to schools and children’s programs to help educate everyone to embrace the beauty in differences. By teaching children in Sub-Saharan Africa (and anywhere this reaches) to embrace and appreciate differences in appearance, to accept every human as they are, about different conditions that make one look different, live confidently and to be friendly and supportive to all children and adults battling any kind of visible difference.  The Difference is Beautiful Campaign discusses diversity in (visible differences, looking different, being different, family support system), empathy, and more.

Our goal is empathy, faith in oneself, self-love and social inclusion for children with visible differences.

Adult Book

The title ‘Challenged Self: Simpee’s Inner Battle to Win’


Challenged Self: Simpee’s Inner Battle to Win is a gripping drama on the struggle for social, mental & physical healing/wellbeing and positive body image inundating individuals battling chronic skin conditions, disfigurement and body image issues. Often times these individuals lack social, mental & physical healing/wellbeing, but always focus on clinical healing which does not happen always and when it does sometimes take longer. This drama is about Challenging yourself to conquer all mental, social and physical challenges while Living and looking forward to clinical help if need be. How do we cope in a world,  where our conditions are constantly neglected, underestimated, disregarded as merely cosmetic, beauty & not-life threatening while they are deeply psycho-socially and socioeconomically challenged?

Journeying through it all, I’ve learned that before you conquer the external world, you have to master the inner world of your mind!

Adult self-help book (play) series with about 30% illustrations


…these titles may change….smiles…