September 2, 2016


Outer Shell Africa develops, shares information openly, solutions and social & emotional support using  enterprising entertainment-education and digital storytelling through a combination of innovative creative tools,  participatory media methods,and a combination of positive mindsets to make real positive difference in life of individuals living with Skin Conditions and Appearance related concerns addressing psycho-social challenges, needs and social well-being of individual living with skin conditions and visible differences in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our plans for extensive innovative creative digital productions and activities will get the attention of the public, foster understanding, and make strides to eliminating the harsh conditions, most individuals living with skin diseases and appearance related concerns, psycho-social challenges while building green self-confidence, inner peace, empowering for success to Living happily, contribute to their families, community & economy.

Some of our activities are:-

Walk for Skin Health – WASH