September 6, 2016

Outer Shell Creative Lab

wfsh ad top 2Our creative enterprising social lab where ideas, creative discussions, innovative workshops goes on daily for education, enlightenment to:

  • Encourage patients and victims to seek help and to raise awareness and greater empathy in the wider community.
  • Help them make informed decisions about coping, adherence, management and living well with a skin condition and visible difference thereby improving health outcomes and health systems in our communities.
  • Influence traditional and cultural beliefs of causes of skin conditions and visible differences, 
  • Offer open information and increase knowledge.

Creative enterprising education entertainment productions through TV and Prints is our business model. Our creative entertainment-education and digital storytelling, our enterprise with a huge social impact and social change.

Outer Shell productions

  • TV Series
  • Docudramas
  • Illustrated Prints, publications
  • And more….

Creative Apps – My Appearance wellbeing

Primarily to offer that Emotional Support for the wellbeing of people with skin conditions and visible differences.

Our physical health and our emotional well-being are closely linked. It’s no surprise that the potential difficulties of living with a skin condition can take a toll on your state of mind. What is less understood is that stress, anxiety and emotional distress can manifest themselves on the skin, and can aggravate an existing condition.

Story Bank –

This is our Story Bank where people share in anyway they comfortable and in any language, from those comfortable sharing publicly on Me and My Shell , we however select compelling and verified stories.

Please keep faith with us and watch out for updates on our productions and Apps in the coming months.