My Looks with Ogo Podcast is Live

My Looks with Ogo Podcast!

My Looks with Ogo Podcast –

It is my birthday and I am so excited, wow wow wowwww,  I finally started podcasting after years of empty self excuses and procrastination. I am not even ashamed to write it here because I look back and cannot just understand what happened to me, I felt stuck and out, I failed at different projects (some I cannot even understand why I wasted much time on), I thought I had lost the enthusiasm, the zeal and the Ogo that I was and is. Look at me, I am here, back and taking it all on more than ever.                                                                                              I’m so Grateful for the moment, Eternally Grateful.

Someday I will just be telling that part of my story, that most confused, depressing, shallow and broke years (still broke though hehehehe), because something tells me there are a number of people out there struggling through the same or similar challenges.

I, however, understand one reason I felt stuck and out, it is running a charity with a shoestring budget, for now, 11years, having to depend on grants and donor funding that was never coming, except little donations that came in trickles and stopped. This is one thing I have tried to change in the mindset of people who come to me to ask that I mentor them through starting a Non-Governmental organisation NGO, left for me there should be nothing like NGO’s anymore, but a Not-For-Profit – a sustainable Social enterprise – a business of social impact, social change and social innovation, so no founder gets that stuck and out, but happy and financially stable to do the work they are passionate about. Beautiful projects and ideas have gone down the drain because of this reason. I wish startup social enterprises will start getting considerable attention (with accelerators and incubation centers all over) just like startup techpreneurs (I know most are social innovations and developmental ideas) because we can’t all have Tech ideas especially in my Africa where we really need to have a balance of online and offline based ideas for an all-inclusive impact. I got one in the pot, I was forced to when at all turn it was technology, especially when web-based and social media seems not to qualify for tech ideas anymore. I’m happy I took the challenge and hope for its huge impact. Do you smell a Podcast on ‘Social enterprise not NGO for Wins’, just thought of it as I write, got too much on my plate for now. Who knows.


I’m sure you can feel my excitement from the beginning, or you don’t? …ohhh…if you can’t feel it, that’s maybe because I would rather be telling you this story than writing it. Isn’t it funny that I have always loved to write, but till date feel that I don’t write well. Though not giving it up one bit, excited with that soon ‘title’… blushing…, I continue to work on me and my writing skills. However, feeling I don’t write well is the reason my personal blog stalled when I should’ve have been talking it all heheheheheh. So, I have decided to stop talking for talking sake and start talking for impact, social change, to empower and Enhance.



My Looks with Ogo Podcast

I started my Podcast – My Looks with Ogo!!!

Let’s talk about our ‘Looks’ and how it affects us. Listen to me here introduce My Looks with Ogo.

Your Body Confidence, Your Positive Body-image, Your Psychosocial Health, and You, Leading the life you want with your physical Appearance challenges and Body image issues is my Passionate Concern and my Purpose in Life.

In case you do not really understand this communication medium called Podcast –

A podcast is a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new instalments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.

Mmmmm issue of data always come to mind, I asked myself, would Nigerians want to use their data listening? Interestingly most can be downloaded, but one needs the same data to download. Well I was actually thinking about not letting the amount of data it consumes as I didn’t want any excuse to even stop me when I started listening to this 1hr 5mins  podcast with Lewis Howes How to Become a Full Time Influencer with Brendon Burchard, Part 2

(I’m however not interested in that word Influencer, I am working on becoming a full-time Enhancer).

I checked my data a few mins before starting and it was 792mb and when the podcast ended, it was 624mb, I found this very interesting. My fellow Nigerians will get this very well, we are always conscious of our data, we would rather wait till we find free wifi and then….. Don’t come for me o abeg hahahahahahaha, just exploring ways we can get that book read, listen to that podcast and the audiobooks easily and affordable.

A podcast is indeed amazing and I cannot believe I had procrastinated this long. Not only will it allow you to multitask, but you can also download and listen to it (with your Bluetooth, earpiece, headset, handsfree loudspeaker etc…) while driving, doing house chores, walking, cooking and a whole lot…

And even when it is not one you can download, you play online with little or no data…

Thank you for checking out my podcast already before you finished reading this, thank you…smiles.. I hope you will share and encourage me. You see, haven’t got funds for branding yet nor for good microphones and all yet, I started it!!! That’s the biggest part for me and for you who might be benefiting from My Looks with Ogo. You see I could not even afford to do a photo shoot, if not for my 45th birthday at least for announcing this podcast, but you know the greatest part for me, I STARTED IT!


Many thanks for this special Birthday Gift!!!

Remember I’m still that Vitiligo Patient Leader and founder of a Social Enterprise called OUTERSAC, which My Looks with Ogo is an initiative of OUTERSAC.


Thank you. Thank you.. Thank you…

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