May 19, 2019

My Looks with Ogo

My Looks with Ogo‘ Podcast

My Looks with Ogo‘ Podcast is a dedicated Podcast and Radio talk show.

Looks. Appearance. Visible difference. Skin conditions. Disfigurement – Scars, Burns, Birthmarks. Fat/Bodyweight…

Flawlessness is about to get a new coat, “My Looks with Ogo’ Podcast and Radio Talk show is set to break the rules which have been set, to help individuals living with visible differences, any kind of appearance and body image issues particularly young women out there to grab their body confidence to win at life.

Physical Appearance issues?
Do your Looks affect your intimate life?
Do you feel ashamed to be in public and or social gathering?
Does your Appearance make you feel worthless and inadequate?
Do you feel so different and abnormal?
Is your look affecting your Socioeconomic life?

Let’s talk about it, we have been silent and continued struggling to live by societal expectations.
We can live and lead the life we want even with our appearance challenges, yes we can.
Let’s join Ogo, let’s bare it, let’s share it, let’s discuss it.
Let’s Talk more about it all on this new dedicated, Podcast and Radio Talk show.

An actual product of building positive body image, body confidence, self-love, self-acceptance, patient empowerment and self-motivation- a podcast broadcast and radio talk show which is intended to:

  • Give Hope and build
  • Reach the unreached and
  • Enlighten and Educate
  • Enhance
We, at Outer Shell Africa Communications OUTERSAC, are deeply passionate and concerned about the Social, Physical Emotional and Mental well-being of Sub-Saharan Africans who live and are distressed with visible differences including Skin conditions, Scars, Burns and Body image issues… and everything that has to do with physical Appearance.
We will challenge your mind to a positive you.
We will be your friend
We will walk with you
We will build your body confidence
We will remind you that you are worthy.
We will empower you to be you on your own terms.
We will inspire you to be your kind of you, confidently and effortlessly.