September 2, 2016

Our Projects

Onyinye Linda living with Lamellar ichthyosis

Onyinye Linda living with Lamellar ichthyosis

StoryBank – Me and My Shell 

A story bank where we,  individuals living with Skin conditions/diseases and visible differences bare and share our stories to inspire, heal, uplift, enlighten, educate, support and make that big positive difference. Please come forward, contact us for a guide on how to share yours. We motivate, support and inspire each other.

Active patient support (Online and Offline)

Active patient support groups to connect physically and technologically for self renewal, individual support, social inclusion, and deep community connection.

Walk for Skin Health – WASH

Walk for Skin Health (WASH) is Skin Health awareness and enlightenment campaign. We focus on common skin conditions common in our society, Visible differences and Skin whitening creating awareness, sharing open information and encouraging and inspiring different active Skin diseases/Conditions Support groups.

Creative Social lab

This is a lab where our mission – production ideas & scripts workshop, creative App innovation and information and knowledge sharing discussions goes on daily for effective enterprising products and actions to that big positive difference we promised and achieve our set goals.

Diversity – embracing my cultural expressions in beauty

A Campaign to launch a celebration and 100% acceptance of African skin colour and diverse skin color in all its variety. This is a campaign that represents the diversity of true beauty not based on anything material or external, a campaign to influence behaviour change positively around skin whitening as a top way to beauty for majority.


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