September 2, 2016

Appearance and Skin Walk Festival

Appearance and Skin Walk Festival – – ASWALK Festival

ASWALK Festival is a Skin Health and Physical Appearance celebrations, healthful walks and networking designed to help build Psychosocial wellbeing – Body confidence, Positive body image and Body Neutrality of Sub-Saharan Africans living with Visible differences/disfigurement  including chronic Skin conditions, Scars, Burns, birthmark and Body Image Issues. And also to create awareness and public enlightenment about these conditions and their challenges while encouraging people to become more physically active to improve their health. They offer a safe, relaxed and sociable environment in which to walk.

The annual ASWALK Festival also fundraises:

  • To help inspire and startup different conditions support groups.
  • To provide help including free consultations, medications, surgeries etc to primarily vulnerable women and children in the rural communities of Sub-Saharan Africa, one country at a time.

ASWALK Festival main goals are – 

  • Identify and educate and enlighten the public about the psychological challenges of living with different chronic skin conditions and Visible disfigurement in our African society.
  • Inspiring, encouraging and launching individual conditions active patient Support groups.
  • To Inspire and encourage patients and victims to consult their Doctors for proper diagnosis and patient care.
  • To educate and enlighten Africans on the possibility of attaining youthful and beautiful skin naturally without the use of harsh sub-standard products.
  • To educate about scars and scary beauty of skin bleaching/whitening.

Walk for Skin Health