December 6, 2018

Creative Media Technology

wfsh ad top 2Our creative, enterprising Skin and Appearance Social Lab where ideas, creative discussions, innovative workshops go on daily for education, empower and build  body confidence

Creative Media technology, arts and enterprise for Psycho-social well-being effectively with fewer resources.

  • Production lab and digital storytelling
  • The Huta Digital Talk show with a Virtual seand 5mins drama introducing each episode.  A strong, captivating digital set visual representation of vintage Sub-Saharan African Cultural expressions freely, widely and openly discussing with them who conquered and in a journey to conquer stigma, discrimination, zero self-esteem, living to please, living to societal expectations, for the benefit of all while through it achieve Patient empowerment. Open information. Increased knowledge, socioeconomic empowerment and more of our focus areas.

Our physical health and our emotional well-being are closely linked. It’s no surprise that the potential difficulties of living with skin conditions, disfigurement and body image issues can take a toll on your state of mind. What is less understood is that stress, anxiety and emotional distress can manifest themselves on the skin, and can aggravate an existing condition.


Please keep faith with us and watch out for updates on our productions and Web/Apps in the coming months.