December 4, 2017

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity of Beauty in Skin Color pics

Diversity – winning in my natural skin colour.

Skin color is diverse. Appearance is diverse. Beauty is diverse and Diversity is beautiful!

A creative Campaign to launch a celebration and 100% acceptance of dark skin colour in all its variety. For a long time now in our community of people of colour, skin whitening and skin bleaching have been sold to us by beauty industries and advertisers. It is pathetic what have become, Africans and their quest for that ‘flawless and acceptable’skin colour.

A creative campaign – Winning in my Natural Skin Colour:

  • The diverse beauty of our beautiful dark Skin colour and Appearance based on nothing temporarily and or artificial.
  • The impending dangers and looming man made disaster of Skin whitening/bleaching/lightening.

We will love ourselves as we are. We will enlighten and inspire self-love and self-acceptance because Skin color does not define beauty in real sense of it, we are all unique and beautiful, we are diverse and beautiful. Diversity is Beautiful…