September 6, 2016

Funmilayo’s Appearance

Funmilayo’s Appearance

funmilayoChildren with skin conditions and disfiguring appearance often experience emotional pain (especially from bullying, rejection and no playmates) as a result of their appearance. This is often a very sad and helpless situation just like Funmilayo, the little girl who inspired this initiative and whom we have named this initiative after, read her story here.

Supporting and improving the lives of children with skin conditions and disfiguring appearance and conquering bullying for our children is on top priority for us.

These children go through a lot with the challenges of having the skin conditions and disfiguring appearance, often times the parent’s whois supposed to be their hero standing positive them loses it too, feeling and becoming more depressed than the child. We care so much about them and really making this a priority, we have life-changing programs and support we plan for the children and this we will unfold as we get on.

This initiatives main goal is 

  • to help children like Funmilayo find body confidence, hope and a future.
  • to help all children who face bullying daily because of their appearance, conquer bullying.

Please Get Involved and let us help this totally ignored set of children live better and be whatever they want to be. Building them positively today will impact greatly on tomorrows children who will find themselves different.