September 6, 2016



(Children’s welfare)


Children with these conditions often experience more social and emotional turmoil than we realise. Bullying, rejection and discrimination are rife within their peer cycle and most adults casually sweep reports from their kids under the carpet, classifying it as a normal growing up process. This is often a very sad and helpless situation just like Funmilayo, the little girl who inspired this initiative, read her story here.

More so, some parents and guardians of the children who are supposed to be their primary source of support find themselves being more depressed than the

Children themselves.

Empowering and improving the self-esteem and social lives of children with chronic Skin Conditions and Visible Disfigurements of any sort is on top priority for us.

These children are our future and have been ignored way too long, how we care for them today will play a big role in the way we shape the future of Africa. Our Difference is Beautiful Initiative is an offshoot of our efforts to improve the welfare of children who have chronic skin conditions and any kind of disfigurement through a compelling picture storybook for children and guardians.

These children go through a lot with the challenges of having the skin conditions and disfigurement (burns, scars, birthmark etc.), often times the parent’s who are supposed to be their positive hero (in building confidence) and fantastic support system are depressed more than the child.

Ọdịmma-Ụmụaka‘s main goal:

Empowering and improving the self-esteem and social lives of children and teenagers living with visible differences including chronic skin conditions, burns, scars, birthmarks, growths… to have a say about issues and decisions that affect them...

Main objectives are:

  • To help all children like Funmilayo who face bullying daily because of their visible differences to conquer bullying, become socially included in school and social life generally.
  •  To celebrate Day of African Child June 16th and Universal Children’s day Nov 20 annually through special events such as:
    • To provide annual free, basic diagnostics and management services to all children living with visible differences.
  • To educate and enlighten children about looking different and living different through Social Impact entertainment SIM – Publication and Animation of Storybook series.

At Outer Shell Africa Communications, we care so much about these children and really working on improving their welfare as much as we can. We are working on life-changing programs and support these children, so help us, God. We will unfold as we get on.

Please Get Involved and let us help this totally ignored set of children live better and be whatever they want to be. Building them positively today will impact greatly on tomorrows children who will find themselves different.