October 15, 2017


Psychosocial Research

Psychosocial Research (Person-centric) is fundamentally important to study conditions/challenges from a subjective stance to understand patients/individuals lived-through experiences with non-communicable chronic Skin conditions and Disfigurement. Our focus is on Psychosocial challenges and social needs of Sub-Saharan Africans living with Disfigurement and Body image issues.

Our aim is to be able to access our own data as a community. We will use the acquired knowledge and understanding to manage and share data generated by our studies openly with no permission from no-one. This approach will enable us to develop appropriate interventions, self-help, coping skills, policy changes and to make experiences and behaviours such as stigmatisation, low self-esteem, social exclusion, suicide or attempted suicide intelligible to those who have the first-hand experience of them and who often find them difficult to comprehend.

***Please take part in our Psychosocial challenges and Needs Study and share! 

We are looking forward to Research in partnership and collaboration with partner organisations and individuals to ascertain the challenges and be able to offer that helpful intervention.

We are looking forward to working with you….