October 15, 2017


Psychosocial Research

Psychosocial Research (Person-centric) is fundamentally important to study conditions/challenges from a subjective stance to understand patients/individuals lived-through experiences with Skin conditions  and Visible differences. Our focus is on Social and Psychosocial aspects of living with Skin conditions  and Visible differences.

Our aim is to use this knowledge and understanding to help develop more appropriate interventions, self-help, policy changes and to make experiences and behaviours such as stigmatisation, low self-esteem, social exclusion, suicide or attempted suicide intelligible to those who have no first-hand experience of them and who often find them difficult to comprehend. Psychosocial research has a strong link with several fields of practice, particularly psychotherapy and counselling, psychoanalysis and group analysis, social work and social policy, group relations and organisational consultancy.

Epidemological Research

Many skin diseases in developing countries are associated with socioeconomic factors. It is generally agreed that a public health approach to dermatology in this setting is particularly appropriate; but, there has been little epidemiologic research done to examine which particular socioeconomic factors are important determinants of the prevalence of skin disease. This is especially true in sub-Saharan Africa.

—  Skin disease and socioeconomic conditions in rural Africa: Tanzania.

Skin diseases cause significant non-fatal disability worldwide, especially in resource-poor regions. Greater impetus to study the burden of skin disease in low resource settings and policy efforts towards delivering high quality care are essential in improving the burden of skin diseases.

 Global Burden of Skin Disease: Inequities and Innovations.

We are working and looking forward to Research in partnership and collaboration with partner organisations and individuals.


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