May 19, 2018

Skin and Appearance Resource Center (SKAR Center)


Skin and Appearance Resource Center – SKAR Center

We recognize that being diagnosed and or living with Visible differences (especially chronic skin conditions) and Appearance Alterations (such as burns, scars, growths and many more..) can be overwhelming, which is why we believe in caring for the patient as a whole — including their physical, emotional and social and the extent we can financial wellbeing.

Our Skin and Appearance Resource Center (SKAR Center), an independent initiative of Outer Shell Africa Communications OUTERSAC (founded by Ogo Maduewesi), is an idea that will be available to help patients, victims and their families to deal with a diagnosis and live well with the condition. SKAR Center will be a collaborative, multifaceted and inclusive space for persons living with Visible disfigurements, Appearance Alterations, Researchers and all who are concerned to come together to solve our greatest challenges and inspire and enlighten the next generation. Here, we will chart a path forward that catalyzes bold ideas, launches innovative solutions such as innovative digital psychosocial solutions, and amplifies our voices.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with any chronic Skin condition and any kind of Appearance Alteration, we invite you to stop by the SKAR Center for up-to-date materials. SKAR Center will serve as our office space, a gathering place for us all to convene, innovate, plan, act, support and grow.

SKAR Center Core Products and Services are:

  • Virtual and Physical Library
  • Patient Empowerment – from learning all there is about the condition, what to expect, coping skills to skincare to self-help guides and much more.
  • Multifunctional space for programs, and workshops. presentations, a corner for Helpful products,burns, etc.… that have we can financial well being become altered
  • Free booklets, Information materials, Books, Productions in Videos, Audios to help you learn what to expect once you have been diagnosed, been living with any of it or just become a victim. 
  • Para-medical Skin Camouflage Clinic,
  • Free Workstations for Individual Support Groups (starting with Psoriasis, Lupus. Scleroderma, Alopecia Areata, Lamellar Ichthyosis, Vitiligo, Eczema, Burns, Naevus/Birthmarks, Odimma Umuaka – Children’s),
  • Active Patient Support Groups activities.
  • Digital Psychosocial Interventions.

We can also help provide you with details about:

  • Finding a Dermatologist
  • A Clinical, Health, Positive, Social Psychologist