July 20, 2018

Ogo Skin Camouflage Clinic

Ogo Skin Camouflage Clinic

  • Have you been disappointed with makeup that is not suitable for you and your condition, and that smears and runs?
  • Or some promised treatments that are expensive, painful with the unsatisfactory outcome?
  • Do you still feel self-conscious and socially excluded because of difference in your appearance?
  • Are you a man in search of a good camouflage option for men?

Have you tried to conceal or camouflage:

  • Scarring or acne
  • Hide a tattoo or birthmark
  • Vitiligo (loss of pigment)
  • Dark spots or areas of hyper/hypo pigmentation
  • Cover varicose veins or broken capillaries
  • Or any other skin condition (eg: burns) anywhere on your body?

Para-medical Skin Camouflage is most likely the solution you seek for that look/image you want as regards any of the above listed.

Demonstration of Skin Camouflage by makeup artist – Bayo Haastrup (2010).

Demonstration of Skin Camouflage by
makeup artist – Bayo Haastrup (2010).

Bayo Haastrup Camouflage-makeup1-300x200


What is Skin Camouflage?

Skin Camouflage is a non-surgical intervention to help conceal/camouflage the appearance of many skin conditions, scars, burns etc… that has become altered. Our Skin Camouflage products are water resistant. It helps to alleviate the psychological and social effects that an altered image can have on someone’s life by the simple application of specialised skin camouflage products.
Skin Camouflage creams are often highly pigmented which is designed to visually improve skin discolourations and visible differences whether they are of accidental, dermatological, surgical or congenital origin.

Skin Camouflage is different from Normal Makeup

Skin Camouflage products contain much more pigment to the average cosmetic concealer or foundation. These are not the same as normal makeup, they have greater coverage and last much longer. This is so that the product can provide the best coverage possible and cover and conceal a whole variety of skin conditions that normal makeup would struggle to hide. These skin conditions include Vitiligo, Acne, Psoriasis, Birthmarks, Scars, Pigmentation Marks, Burns and even Tattoos. Skin camouflage was actually developed by plastic surgeons during World War II.

Skin-Camouflage-training-certificate-229x300Ogo Maduewesi, our Founder/CEO is trained and holds a Diploma in ‘The principles and Art of para-medical skin camouflage application techniques’ from the prestigious The British Association of Skin Camouflage, Chester United Kingdom.

This is one training I am honoured to have been a part of during my Commonwealth Professional Fellowship in September 2017. Truly, you need to get close to it to understand what it is all about. I always thought this is simply another style of makeup application, so grateful to learn that this comes useful to a host of other appearance challenges beyond Skin conditions, such as Surgery scars, Burns, etc….

OSAC Skin Camouflage clinic is opening its door soon in Lagos to all Nigerians who need the product and services.
Skin conditions can be devastating and psychologically damaging to men, women and children, irrespective of age, nationality and religion. Children and babies can be best advised by their physician/paediatrician if Skin camouflage is to be considered.

The concept of covering up the patches with skin camouflage products after matching the colour tone is novel. It provides a boost for one’s appearance while presenting oneself in day-to-day activities, social events or on special occasions etc depending on individual needs and prefrence.

Most of these camouflages are time tested and do not cause any reaction or side effects on the delicate skin of the person having Vitiligo, Scars, Birthmark, Burns, Tattoo and appearance challenges. The Fixing Powder which most of them come with helps to blend the colour to surrounding skin and makes it stable. Some Camouflage creams are waterproof while some stays for 7-8 hours and can be touched up if needed.

We are expecting a new Zanderm Camouflage (Vitiligo camouflage) soon.

We offer services and product sales but do not have other products available yet, once we have determined the best camouflage makeup system to meet your needs and beautifully camouflage your skin, I’ll teach you how to apply it (it’s easy and quick to do for yourself). Please email us,  contact@outershellafrica.org or call Ogo on +234806 363 8030 to book and for further enquiries.