September 2, 2016



Walk for Skin Health - WASH

The Walkathon is an annual competition to fundraise, to enlighten, educate the public and positively influence cultural, societal and traditional beliefs surrounding Skin appearance – Looking different, Disfigurement, Body image issues in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The annual Walkathon fundraises:

  • To help startup different conditions support group and or enlightenment campaign. The winner of the competition decides which condition and or geographical location of the condition support group and campaign to donate at least 50% of his/her prize to.
  • Patient empowerment. Public enlightenment and Education.
  • To provide help and skin medications to primarily vulnerable women and children in the rural communities of Sub-Saharan Africa, one country at a time.


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WASH main goals are – 

  • Identify and educate the public about different chronic non-communicable skin conditions common and in existence in our African society.
  • Inspiring, encouraging and launching individual skin conditions and disfigurement active patient Support groups
  • To Inspire faith and hope and thereby get those with skin conditions to go consult their Dermatologists for proper diagnosis and patient care.
  • Highlight dangers of self-medication on the skin, the dangers of some chemicals being used on the skin for different purposes and importance of our skin to our general well-being.
  • To educate and enlighten Africans on the possibility of attaining youthful and beautiful skin naturally the use of harsh sub-standard products.
  • The dangerous and scary beauty of skin bleaching/whitening/ lightening.

Walk for Skin Health

‘Walk for Skin Health – WASH’ (an initiative founded 8years by Ogo Maduewesi under VITSAF, the initiative was not active as VITSAF is a Vitiligo focused organisation). Today, an initiative under Outer Shell Africa also founded by Ogo Maduewesi.