Psycho-social Challenges of Living with Skin conditions, Disfiguring appearances, and body image issues Study.

What are your challenges living with Visible Differences/Disfiguring Appearances in Nigeria?

Psycho-social Challenges of Living with Skin conditions, Disfiguring appearances (like Burns, Scars, Birthmarks, Sunburns…) and body image issues (body size, injuries of skin bleaching…) Study. 

With this survey, we want to find out our psychosocial needs and challenges. This survey will teach us insights on how we can provide you with the products and services that will help you manage your conditions better and live the life you want.

This survey is specifically for those living with non-communicable chronic Skin Conditions, Disfiguring Appearances (Scars, Burns, Birth-related disfigurements including birthmark or cranio-facial conditions), Body Image issues and Identity crossroads (skin bleaching, injury, sunburn, body size etc..).
What are your primary needs? What do you really wish is available?

We realize how precious your time is, that’s why we made sure this survey will only take a quick 3-5minutes, There are 12 questions here with 7 closed-ended questions.


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