May 14, 2017

Share Your Story

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Dont be ashamedYOU have a powerful story to share. Your story can help, your story can inspire, your story can heal. Living with Chronic Skin Conditions, Disfiguring Appearance – Scars, Burns… and or Body Image Issues? Please share with us.

“Storytelling is human,” Dr. Houston said. “We learn through stories, and we use them to make sense of our lives.  In health care, storytelling may have its greatest impact on patients who distrust the medical system or who have difficulty understanding or acting on health information because they may find personal narratives easier to digest.

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Adaeze Living with Melanocyte Naevus
Adaeze Living with Melanocyte Naevus

My nevi story Growing up different was something I didn’t really like then. The stares and the questions. But as a kid, with such innocence, I didn’t really care. I drew a lot of attention while growing up. Prolonged stares, inadvertent body examinations, questions; the whole caboodle. Then my kid – like innocence wouldn’t let me care any less. Because for any ” What happened to you? ” from them, was a ready ” It is God’s gift” from me. Mother had taught, and I had learnt well. Or so I thought. Besides if you ask ‘what happened to you?’ My utmost reply then was ‘its God’s gift’ Well, I grew up to love this my birthmark, because of the aura it gives me wherever I go(I mean it got people staring, so I always got noticed- who wouldn’t crave for that). Yes, I am my own celebrity. Nonetheless, there were times I felt down for not being like the others, for not wearing some trendy clothes including some swimsuits. That is the denial stage- but the earlier you get over this stage and begin loving your self the better for you. Now, I love my nevus- I’d always call it my natural tattoos… And I’d trade nothing for it.

My advice to anyone out there with nevus or any skin related condition is this- Be you, love your self, you’re the new cool.

Thanks, Adaeze Ogbonna