Onyinye Linda living with Lamellar ichthyosis

Met with Onyinye living with Lamellar ichthyosis

Onyinye will make the fifth person living with the genetic condition, Lamellar ichthyosis that I am meeting without going public yet with this our innovative initiative. As I listen to her very pathetic story, as I watch her fight tears, I cannot really understand or stop wondering why a particular area of health, is this neglected Read more about Met with Onyinye living with Lamellar ichthyosis[…]


Funmilayo, the Lonely girl

Funmilayo, the Lonely girl   I walked in and there she was playing by herself, I called her and she just greeted and continued playing while Yaqub got me introduced to her and all others in their office. I could not stop at anything, but to get her attention. She looked at me and smiled Read more about Funmilayo, the Lonely girl[…]