November 21, 2018

‘The Hut’

‘The Hut’ –  At ‘The Hut’ we will discuss challenges status quo, to ignite that deep thought of sense belonging, to accept our identity, to learn the dangers and repercussions of destroying one’s identity in Appearance, Skin color and Trigger lasting healthy and positive behavioral and social change.

When we empower, it enables individuals to make informed decisions about their conditions, their identity and ultimately live the life they want.

‘The Hut’ discussions will include sign languages, inclusive of the deaf and dumb who is always left out of such discussions.

At the ‘The Hut’ –

  • We build you up.
  • We put your insecurities to sleep.
  • We Remind You that you are worthy.
  • We inspire you to be You in your own terms.
  • We inspire you to be your kind of You confidently and effortlessly.