Hating or Trend influenced?

Skin Bleaching: Hating the body, Trend Influenced or important Need?

The need to break out of the norm was the birth of his new smashing single titled ” MELANIN”  a song made to motivate and inspire all shades of dark-skinned woman around the world to love and be comfortable in their skin tone. He also looks forward to taking the campaign beyond the song. – PHEEL DWORD (@PHEELDWORD) – MELANIN

http://nigezie.tv/pheel-dword-1pheeldword/Get the song Pheel D’Word Melanin here, couldn’t upload downloaded version. Adebayo Ajibade Phillip a.k.a Pheel’DW says it all in this song. We see it differently, we receive it differently, we interpret it differently and we perceive differently and at the end, we care and are saying the same thing.

And this is Diversity.

Skin colour is diverse. Appearance is diverse. Beauty is diverse and Diversity is beautiful!

Listening to the song, I pondered, is it hating the body or being influenced by trends or just some human wants???
I think it is either of the above, but whatever it is, we got some questions for you who brighten/lighten/whiten/bleach your skin…

  • Do you use of any of the skin lightening/whitening/brightening/bleaching creams?
  • How informed are you about the chemical ingredients you put on your skin?
  • Do you know the safe ingredients?
  • Do you know the healthy quantity of each chemical eg Mercury, Hydroquinone…?
  • Do you know you need to be under the supervision of a Dermatologist while you embark on this melanin destroying journey?
  • Do you use sunscreen? If yes, do you know you need to re-apply every two hours?
  • Do you rely on what the manufacturers and retailers tell you? Beware, they are 100% interested in their profit and nothing more.


If they are not prescribed by a Dermatologist, the Manufacturer/Producer/Retailer and whatever they are called are 100% interested in their profit, your health is not their priority, but their profit. Always remember that;

  • Skin Cancer may come calling in future…
  • Kidney issues may come calling in future
  • Other terrible health condition may come calling in future…

The manufacturer/producer/retailer of your now body lightening/whitening/brightening/bleaching cream will definitely not be around then, then it will become a personal painful journey.

Take charge of your health, be informed!

Love your uniqueness!

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