Hating or Trend influenced?

Skin Bleaching: Hating the body, Trend Influenced or important Need? The need to break out of the norm was the birth of his new smashing single titled ” MELANIN”  a song made to motivate and inspire all shades of dark-skinned woman around the world to love and be comfortable in their skin tone. He also looks forward Read more about Hating or Trend influenced?[…]

World Lupus Day 2018

Celebrating World Lupus Day, May 10, 2018 WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT LUPUS I first heard the word Lupus in the intriguing medical drama, House, M.D. The misanthropic diagnostician, Gregory House and his team of enthusiastic interns never fail to ask, “Could be Lupus, you know?” whenever they are faced with a patient whose diagnosis they Read more about World Lupus Day 2018[…]

Why I think Skin Bleaching should be treated as Public Health Concerns.

Skin conditions and diseases continue to be neglected, underestimated, and written off as problems that are not life-threatening. But this leaves the dangers of harmful skin-bleaching treatments—which are ubiquitous in Nigeria, across Africa, and among dark-skinned individuals around the world—largely unrecognized. The World Health Organization published an assessment on skin bleaching in 2011, which stated that 77 Read more about Why I think Skin Bleaching should be treated as Public Health Concerns.[…]